East Hampton Art & Theater Camp's 2017 season begins on
Monday, July 17th and ends on Friday, July 28th

Warm Up


Each day will begin with a group warm up to warm up everyone's body, voice, and mind! The warm-up will vary daily and will create an opportunity for each camper to start their day on the right foot!


Child choir competition.jpg

Raise your voice! We will work with campers to teach them the proper way to sing healthfully with everything from traditional show tunes to the latest and greatest pop hits.

Costume and Prop Design

Campers will learn what it takes to make fun costumes and props that we will use during our other activities. While in the art studio, they will also have free time to express their inner artist, whether it be through painting, drawing, or sculpting!

End of Session Show

At the end of each session, we will present a show so that parents can see what their kids have been up to! Come see all the work we put in and have as much fun as we did during our session in this celebration that you will never forget!



We offer a variety of techniques and theater games to help campers learn how to create a character and experience what it's like to be on stage. We will use creativity, teamwork, and imagination to create our own plays, monologues and scenes!


The basic fundamentals are explored and there will be full choreographed numbers. Campers will also learn how to express their personality while performing to deliver top notch moves!


Teamwork and creativity combine to deliver laughter-filled improv classes. We will utilize improv games and campers imaginations to create their own sketches and zany characters.


8 to 14 years old

July 17th to July 28th

Monday Through Friday, 9:30 am to 3pm

Bridgehampton Community House